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These Synthetic Grass Products are available in Anaheim CA and Riverside CA

Discover Daytona, the ideal landscaping alternative to natural grass. With its year-round beauty and durability, this best-selling Daytona Series offers a natural appearance and soft fiber. Perfect for both commercial and residential properties with moderate traffic.

Daytona Series

Kentucky Blue Grass is a synthetic grass option that offers durability, vibrant appearance, and superior performance. With options in different face weights, it is perfect for front yards, back yards, pets, and commercial applications. Enjoy the beauty of a lush green lawn without the hassle of maintenance. The Synthetic Grass Store is the go-to option for high-quality artificial turf.

Kentucky Blue Series

Experience the best of synthetic landscapes with our premium, realistic California gold artificial grass. Designed to mimic natural turf closely, this high-quality product stands out in the market thanks to its dense and soft texture, achieved through slightly shorter blades.

California Gold Series

Introducing Denali: a top-quality, durable turf built to withstand heavy use. With its innovative "Cool" technology, this 2'' tall turf is designed to stay cooler than most other options, thanks to a combination of tubular yarn design and a special reflective pigment. Perfect for high traffic areas, Denali 80 is your go-to solution for a hardy and long-lasting turf. Discover its exceptional performance today!


Pacifico offers the ultimate tropical oasis look with its lush field and fescue green, complemented by a natural brown thatch. Ideal for areas with moderate traffic, Pacifico is the perfect choice to create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. With its rich dual-toned field and spring green grass blades, Pacifico guarantees a stunning and picturesque landscape. Experience the beauty of Pacifico and transform your space into a lush tropical paradise.


Introducing our top-notch turf designed specifically for pet owners! Experience the extraordinary "Cool" technology, a fusion of tubular yarn design and a special reflective pigment that keeps the turf cooler than other options. Our turf also incorporates an antimicrobial agent in both the yarn and backing, ensuring superior protection against bacteria and reducing pet odor. When paired with Envirofill, this exclusive "Pet Shield" setup offers unmatched pet-friendly protection. Don't miss out on our special offer: $3 off per bag of Envirofill when you purchase our Kool K9 Turf.

Kool K9

Discover Pet Paradise, the perfect synthetic grass for pets. With its field and olive green color and advanced drainage, it's ideal for high traffic areas. Say goodbye to mud, fleas, and the need for fertilizers or pesticides. Our lead-free synthetic grass is safe for kids and pets. Enjoy a bacteria-free, low-maintenance lawn that your furry friends will love. Contact The Synthetic Grass Store for reliable and toxic-free artificial grass for pets.

Pet Paradise

Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and durability with our Rye Series. This versatile artificial grass, ideal for both residential and commercial applications, mimics the natural beauty of lush greenery while providing added softness for your comfort. It effortlessly stands up to medium to high traffic, ensuring a long-lasting green vista.

Summer Rye

Crafted for both residential and commercial spaces, it empowers you with vast design flexibility. This turf, proudly made in America, assures you the utmost quality, backed by a 15-year warranty and boasting a pile height of 1.75". Being one of the largest stocking wholesalers nationwide, we ensure an impressive inventory of over 4,000,000 sq ft of artificial turf at your disposal. Our competitive tiered pricing caters specifically to landscape contractors. With four convenient locations in Arizona, two in Southern California, and shipping services extending across Canada and the United States, the Synthetic Grass Store is always within your reach.


Shaw Grass Golf Collection combines premium performance, functionality and durability. Whether providing a better commercial application or installing right in your backyard. Tips Golf Collection can deliver.

Ultimate Putt

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 Synthetic Grass Anaheim California and Riverside California

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