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As a commercial property owner, you might often find yourself grappling with challenges related to your landscaped areas. Issues such as accessibility, environmental concerns, and the high costs of maintenance and irrigation systems can add up to thousands of dollars annually. But, what if there's a solution that not only addresses these problems but also enhances your property's appeal? Enter synthetic grass, your ideal choice for any commercial landscaping application. This option brings easy maintenance, cost savings, increased curb appeal, and a promising return on investment. With synthetic grass, you can say goodbye to installing and maintaining expensive irrigation systems or shelling out for chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Imagine the savings as tasks like weeding, mowing, sodding, and re-seeding become things of the past. All the while, you, your residents, and patrons can enjoy the perks of a well-manicured look throughout the year. Additionally, synthetic grass provides a practical solution for hard-to-reach areas like islands, embankments, or other locations where irrigation would be impractical.


Office Buildings
Medical Facilities
Government / Municipal Facilities
Malls / Urban Retail Plazas
Entertainment Facilities / Zoos / Concert Venues
Places of Worship
Sports Facilities
Rest Areas / Parks
Military Bases

Commercial Grass products

The design possibilities are endless with synthetic grass. You can transform indoor courtyards, rooftop patios, roadway medians, shopping mall islands, pet areas, or any area susceptible to foot traffic damage into lush, green spaces.

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